1》 morally good, justified, or acceptable.
2》 factually correct.
    ↘most appropriate.
    ↘socially fashionable or important.
3》 in a satisfactory, sound, or normal state or condition.
4》 on, towards, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing which is to the east when the person or thing is facing north.
5》 Brit. informal complete; absolute.
6》 relating to a right-wing person or group.
1》 to the furthest or most complete extent or degree.
    ↘exactly; directly.
    ↘informal immediately.
    ↘dialect or archaic very.
2》 correctly.
3》 on or to the right side.
1》 that which is morally right.
2》 a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something.
    ↘(rights) the authority to perform, publish, or film a particular work or event.
3》 (the right) the right-hand part, side, or direction.
    ↘a right turn.
    ↘a person's right fist, or a blow given with it.
4》 (often the Right) [treated as sing. or plural] a political party or other group favouring conservative views.
1》 restore to a normal or upright position.
    ↘restore to a normal or correct condition.
2》 redress or rectify.
    ↘archaic compensate.
exclamation informal indicating agreement or acknowledging a statement or order.
bang (or N. Amer. dead) to rights informal (of a criminal) with positive proof of guilt.
be in the right be justified in one's views or actions.
by rights if things were fair or correct.
do right by treat fairly.
in one's own right as a result of one's own claims, qualifications, or efforts.
(as) of right (or by right) due to a moral or legal claim or entitlement.
put (or set) someone right tell someone the true facts.
put (or set) something to rights restore something to its correct state.
(as) right as rain informal completely well or healthy.
on the right side of on the safe, appropriate, or desirable side of.
↘in a position to be viewed with favour by.
↘somewhat less than (a specified age): she's on the right side of forty.
right (or straight) away (or informal off) immediately.
right on informal expressing approval or encouragement.
a right one Brit. informal a foolish person.
the right stuff the necessary qualities for a given job.
she's (or she'll be) right Austral./NZ informal don't worry.
rightable adjective
righter noun
rightish adjective
rightmost adjective
rightness noun
rightward adjective & adverb
rightwards adverb
OE riht (adjective andnoun), rihtan (v.), rihte (adverb), of Gmc origin; related to L. rectus 'ruled'.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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